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Microfiction Maestro
Mar 1, 2023
Would you rather write poetry or short stories? I'd rather write short stories' as their easier for me to express myself. But what do you think?
Staff member
Feb 3, 2023
I have written a few poems over the years. Most of them were bad. Some of them were alright. One or two of them, I actually liked a lot. They are a unique way to express oneself, and hopefully, I someday feel the inspiration to do it again sometime. Short Stories have always eluded me, so to speak, but I have started to really enjoy writing novelettes for Readers Digested. The issue I had with short stories is that I would always want to expand on them too much. Sometimes, too, though, I would find myself trying to almost "pad" stories to hit the requisite amount to be called a novel (specifically with horror stories) - I feel like my more recent novelettes have really let me turn the corner on that. My novelette The One Two Punchline may be among my favorite things I have written.