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First and foremost, I want to welcome you to the Nightmare Shift!

We are a forum community dedicated to all things horror and of a dark subject matter.

Why do I specify the "of a dark subject matter" part? Frankly, It is a matter of inclusion. I don't want to argue the semantics of whether Silence of the Lambs is technically a horror film or a psychological thriller. As prefaced, that is all semantics, and it stifles conversation.

What is the Log system on the Nightmare Shift? Basically, the Log system on the Nightmare Shift is a constant work-in-progress. In theory, it will one day evolve into an expansive database of film, videogame, and book reviews, cataloging our reviews and ratings for each story. I am always on the prowl for new additions that can be made to it, as well as tweaks that can make it more useful. Some of them I will implement myself. Others I will buy as I find them. And ones that I either can't create myself or haven't been thought up yet somewhere else, I will try to commission. All of it is a process and, ultimately, as Nightmare Shift is a hobby that I pay for out of pocket, it will depend on my financial status, the time I have to allocate to it, and / or whether I think the feature will be worth it. You can find more information about "Logging a Story" here.

What is the Nightmare Shift Hall of Fame? The Nightmare Shift Hall of Fame is a way all our users can come together and celebrate our favorite stories in cinema, videogames, and literature (and eventually, other mediums as well). It is a loosely moderated system that features different ways Users can submit stories for consideration. The moderation involved is meant not as a means of censorship or gate-keeping, but as a form of quality control. We want it to be a representation of the most celebrated Stories on the Nightmare Shift and not an accolade assigned flippantly. You can find more information about the Nightmare Shift Hall of Fame here.

What is Mishmashers Publishing / Readers Digested? Mishmashers Publishing is a book publishing company I run (along with my brother Scott Moore). Readers Digested is the brand name we use for the horror stories we publish for the company. It is also the name of an anthology series we publish. Writers who are interested in becoming involved with Mishmashers Publishing and / or submitting a story for Readers Digested should check out here. Mishmashers Publishing is a serious venture for Scott and I, and is something we pour a lot of time and money into (we have attended book conventions throughout the Midwest, and we are always try to improve our online presence), that in mind, I always advise everyone remember that each member of our company is a person with a day job and other real world responsibilities. We are passionate and we are always excited to try and help spotlight new writers any way that we can, but you will get what you put into it.

What are the rules for the Nightmare Shift?
  • No content that infringes upon any rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademarks);
  • No abusive, threatening, defamatory, racist, or obscene* content;
  • No false information or libel;
  • No spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;
  • No viruses or any other harmful computer software;
  • No links to porn or posting pornographic videos or images;
  • No PM Advertising.
  • No Advertising in the Shoutbox.
  • No Advertising in the Status section.
  • No Trolling.
A couple notes:
- I have never liked the idea of pretending other websites across the internet don't exist. For that reason, I am not expecting you to act that way either. I read, I read, and other Horror websites as well. Maybe you have a horror website as well. That's cool! If you created something, you can share it on Nightmare Shift [Presents]. If you post a Review and you want to attribute a link to your blog site, I can completely respect that. However, the Nightmare Shift is not a billboard or promotional forum for your latest project. If you are sharing a link to your website or forum (or whatever), then make for certain it has something to contribute to the discussion you are participating in. If you are a new user don't post threads telling us about your friends' new blog or a Kickstarter for your dream project - contribute to the forum first, don't exploit us.

- The Nightmare Shift is a horror website. For that reason, there is a certain edginess baked right into our forum. I can't and won't expect you not to show Victor Crowley or Art the Clown ripping somebody in half. Horror is bloody and violent. We embrace that. However, let's keep our subject matter fictionalized. Freddy Krueger slicing and dicing - good. Crime scene photos of mutilated children - bad. If you are uncertain about whether your content "crosses the line," maybe consider placing it inside a Spoiler warning.
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