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Clint Eastwood Doing Final Film Before Retirement


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Staff member
Feb 3, 2023
We have learned that Clint Eastwood is beginning to close in on directing what is being internally billed as the final film of his career, after decades of starring in classic pictures and directing over 35 of his own.

Clint Eastwood’s final film is said to be landing at Warner Bros., the studio where he has been developing projects for over 50 years now. Ever since Gran Torino in 2008, Eastwood has strictly stayed at Warner Bros. and has delivered 10 more films for the studio including Oscar-nominated favorites like Invictus, American Sniper, Sully, and Richard Jewell. His most recent film, Cry Macho, was one of the last few titles to be released day-and-date on HBO Max and in theaters by Warner Bros. in 2021.
Microfiction Maestro
Mar 25, 2023
It's ridiculous to think he has made it to 92 years old and has remained relevant / mostly financially successful throughout. What a career.