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Microfiction Maestro
Apr 14, 2023
Although it is more than common to hear about a live-action adaptation of a popular book series to come out (often with the inevitable 'not as good as the book' discourse), however, it is less often that you hear about licensed book continuations of popular series'. What are some that you have read? Would you recommend them? Are they canon or are they better treated as their own unique alt. realities?
Staff member
Feb 3, 2023
I will have to chew on this for a bit.

But, so as not to not contribute anything -

I remember once I read a novelization of the Friday the 13th books (I couldn't tell you anything about it), but I remember that they had Jason as a kid who was presented as a mute. I can't recall all the details, but I believe a camp counselor was bullying him and he hit back in some way, and the counselor yelled at him, "You can speak, can't you!" and Jason replied, "Yes." and that was, in the context of this book, the only thing he ever said.

Thought that was kinda cool.
Microfiction Maestro
Feb 19, 2023
Little known fact, the Dune movies also have an obscure book series, who'd've thought?