Slasher Club is a group dedicated to all things of the slasher subgenre. Be it fear himself Freddy Krueger and other series’ like Friday the 13th and Halloween, or more modern horror fare like Terrifier and Victory Crowley.

Eyes for the Experimental is a group that specializes in all things peculiar and eccentric, projects that boldly go where no man has gone before, win, lose, or draw.

Ah, yes. The Extreme Cinema Gorehounds. Home of The Human Centipedes, Serbian Films, and many more sick flicks. Not recommended to be “clocked on” with at your day job.

The Monster Movie Mavericks covet and revere the genre, be it the modern blockbuster fare or the classic kaijus of yesteryear. Be it a CGI-fest or a man in a rubber suit, they’re up for a discussion.