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Microfiction Maestro
Feb 10, 2023
The war is on! Which side are you!? Are you a videogame purist, blowing into your old Nintendo 64 cartridges and dusting your videogame shelf, or are you a modernist, filling folders with files on Steam, your PlayStation digital library, or Xbox Game Pass?
Staff member
Feb 3, 2023
If you were to ask me five years ago, I would have a way different answer than what I would tell you now. Thing is, I used to believe that you didn't own something unless you had a physical copy of it. Later, I realized that, if I unplug my internet and I can still, in fact, play it, I own it about as much as I do having it as a physical item collecting dust on my shelf. The second thing I realized is that, like a vehicle bought and taken off the lot, everything I buy immediately starts to decrease in value (not necessarily from a money standpoint, but my own personal value of it).

For example, I have owned three copies of Dead Space over the years. I owned a copy on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, but both of them now have no value to me now that I have a remade version of Dead Space on the PlayStation 5. I would equate this to owning a copy of a film on VHS that can now be bought at a rummage sale for a couple quarters versus owning the DVD version (which is even then obsolete when you factor in the Blu-Ray).

On this same line of reasoning, I ask myself why exactly I want a physical version of something more than a digital version. Is it more convenient? No. Oh, but you can pop it in whenever you want! If I bought it and own it digitally, I can do the same at any period. The truth was, I discovered, was that the only reason I wanted a physical version was so I had something to fill my shelves.

That realization was liberating, really. Because then, I stopped buying physical copies (except for special occasions) and I reallocated my savings to buying knickknacks, action-figures, and other memorabilia instead, which I think, looks much cooler.
Microfiction Maestro
Feb 19, 2023
It has become more difficult to maintain my physical collection over the years, but I still love physical media a lot. With the convenience of streaming services, it has allowed me to be more selective with things I buy. No more cheap movie collections just to "see" if there might be something good. When I buy something, I usually either know it is good or have a fair faith in its quality. Makes my collection more with less as well.