Slasher Club 2021 Hall of Fame | Rules, Instruction, and Participation

Hi there, it’s Ajax the Cat!

One of the most exciting aspects the Nightmare Shift hoped to include was a Horror Hall of Fame, filled with subcategories and ways for our favorite movies, novels, and videogames to be highlighted and celebrated. The only aspect we weren’t certain about was how to do that. How do we create a method for participation and interactivity that allows everyone the chance to be a part? Although it will change and evolve in the months, even years to come, for now, we think we’ve achieved that!

The Nightmare Shift early approach is straightforward enough. Very nice. Very evil. Create the skeleton of what we want, then, as we flesh things out, we add the meat. That’s why we started out with only a handful of joinable groups, so we’d have the chance to get them each in working order. At the moment, we are focusing on the Slasher Club group, which new users can freely join today.

All of our slasher reviews have been brought over from Readers Digested (we’re now at 33 reviews total), but we want a lot more of them! Every October, the Nightmare Shift will inspect its bounty. For every 50 reviews posted, one Hall of Fame candidate will be considered. So, if there are 500 Slasher movie reviews posted (doubles excluded), then, 5 inductions can be made. This total will increase year-to-year. The highest-rated film will receive said honor, and will be represented in some way, both in the Group section and on Nightmare Shift. Soon, we will make a post with the current rankings to see where we stand. Each fiscal year ends on Halloween.

Want to participate? Almost in the words of Freddy Krueger: “This … is how.”

  • (Step 1 – Create an Account on the Nightmare Shift) * check out our special New User Guide
  • (Step 2 – Join the Slasher Club group)
  • (Step 3 – Create a new Post in the Group forum with Movie Review)

Information for the Hall of Fame is subject-to-change, but, for 2021, we’re confident we’ll hold firm on what’s been said.

   What if someone has already reviewed the film I want to talk about? That’s okay!

As a matter of fact, it is a vital part of the process! We want you to review films that have already been talked about. Did you know our headmaster McConnaughay actually gave a mixed review to the Friday the 13th films? What a schmuck! However, with your help, we can do away with his horrible, awful, bad, disgusting taste when you write your own review.

Does every person’s review have the same voting power? Yes.

However, not every review will necessarily be accepted. Each review submitted will be properly vetted by an administrator prior to its acceptance. This is to prevent review-bombing or disingenuous reviews.

What happens when a review is accepted? When a review is accepted, congratulations, you’ve now contributed as an author for the Nightmare Shift. Lucky you, you’ve been paid in experience.

No money? That blows! I know, but we’re a small community and money’s not what we’re about.

All ad revenue and financial compensation on our end is poured back into the company, paying for ads, graphics, and whatever we can think of. Maybe someday.

   Are there any expectations for my review? Some, but few. We expect a review is modestly well written and at least 500 words in length. Currently, we have no requirement that a member be a part of Slasher Club for a certain threshold / have a certain ranking, but that may change in years to come.

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